Akshayuk Pass, Baffin island, Nunavut | Photo: Jacob Cook

Grade VII Equipment


Grade VII Equipment is a climbing gear company based in Squamish, BC with our manufacturing partner in Taichung, Taiwan. We aim to expand what is possible on alpine big walls by making tools designed for the most committed.

Contact us at hello@g7equipment.com

Trango towers, Pakistan | Photo: Dave Allfrey



Nathan Kukathas | Founder

From the Karakoram to Baffin Island, Nathan has put up first ascents on remote walls all around the world. Starting out at age 15, sewing his own harnesses, ledges and bags in his parents’ garage. Nathan has been a passionate climber and award winning outdoor industry designer for many top brands, including Arc’teryx and Sea to Summit.

Tom Schindfessel | Lead designer

Originally from Belgium, Tom’s commitment to quality rivals his nation’s chocolate. He started climbing at 9 years old, refining his skills on walls around the world, from Belgium crags such as Tilf, Esneux and Freyr, to the Himalayas and North America. A big wall alpinist with a love for suffering, you will commonly find him on a wall testing gear, or in the design lab building tools for the most committed.

Zack Goldberg-Poch | Designer and developer

From messes in the kitchen to messes in the design studio, Zack loves creating, building, and testing. He moves at a glacial pace with meticulousness and stubborn perseverance in everything he does, from putting up new routes on Baffin Island to fussing over the smallest details on a design.

Nic Vissers | Brand manager

From new routes in the Waddington Range, to 5.13 routes on El Cap, Nic is a passionate climber and photographer. A totally obsessed gear head who has tested and used almost every piece of equipment out there, Nic is a walking encylopedia of what works and what doesn’t.


G7 athletes Jacob Cook and Bronwyn Hodgins on FA of Niv Misset Line (5.13-, 400m) Baffin Island, Nunavut | Photo: Jacob Cook